Saturday, September 25, 2010

Washington Families United organization

The person speaking in the following post is this blog's author Denise Dopkins. It speaks of my personal experience with Washington Families United and Elaine Wolcott.

There was a time when I took a very negative view of Washington Families United. I was upset with the organization and its Presidents/leaders because they seemingly would not help me to resolve my issues with CPS and family court. I was attacked by CPS, as are so many thousands of others nationwide. I also lost my parental rights and relationship with my little boy due to false and flimsy allegations, which the courts rubber stamped. Sadly, this is an epidemic issue all over the United States of America.

I have since learned and have been willing to understand that NOBODY can stop the horrific doings of the so called child protective system by themselves. Even with people in political positions and the many organizations that work tirelessly to curtail the illegalities of CPS and 'family courts'... change is extremely slow in happening. Thankfully, with the assistance of Washington Families United, as well as many other people, some cases have been victorious and the families reunited. However, this is a rare happening, I believe due to the fact that there are so many thousands of families attacked and because State agents are seemingly accountable to no other authority or department. They do not fear punishment for their perjury and fraudulent ways, so they continue on in the illegal actions they commit. Laws that are already in place are violated every day by State agent, CPS contracted service providers, lawyers, doctors, Guardian ad litems etc. Even foster care providers participate in the illegal, cruel and unjust actions involved in the CPS and family court arena. I am speaking of the foster-adopt industry, where foster care providers look to the State as a less expensive or free ticket to adopting children, especially babies. That is where the majority of children in state care go.

In short, my point in composing this document is to explain my reasoning for removing the post containing some correspondence between a Washington Families United member and myself. The email correspondence I posted was unnecessary and inappropriate for this forum. It was derived from a misunderstanding I had regarding the motive of WFU.  I publicly apologize to Elaine Wolcott for accusing her of not intending to help CPS victims. Truth be known-- she is not able to assist every person that comes to her for help because she is only one person. I simply misunderstood her intentions due to my own refusal to hear what she really stated to me.