Monday, November 29, 2010

Methodology of CPS social workers

Though done in a rather sarcastic tone...this video very accurately portrays the way CPS operates when 'investigating' alleged reports of abuse or neglect of children. It happened in precisely the same manner to this blog's author Denise Dopkins. Spokane social worker Melly Keith jumped me in the hospital room only 12 hours after I gave cesarean birth to my son and while I was still very affected by the medicines the doctor administered during and following the birth. (The doctor and nurses will claim that I was not still affected by the medication from the cesarean birth, however, I know better. After all-- I was the one taking the medicines and I know how I felt.) There was also the issue of the post birth pain medicines that made me dileriously sleepy. I was in no condition to be so suddenly confronted with this emotional and psychological attack, and still-- the social worker could not stand to wait another day for me to better recover in the hospital. I was in the hospital for another two days after Ms. Keith left the room on March 15, 2005.