Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prosecute CPS and CASA agents for perjury!

Lies Should Be Prosecuted
Posted by State Senator Pam Roach

This whole thing reminds me of an Ibsen novel.

Here is a letter from a family that I have been following. PRR Readers are like all true Americans...we want our government telling the truth in court and we think people in agencies (CPS or CASAs) who lie in court should lose their jobs and be punished through perjury laws. Right now, in CPS, agents are not being held accountable and, therefore, they continue the lying. I have been told by the highest levels at DSHS that people who lie will not be tolerated. I took that to mean that they would be held accountable. I have yet to see that that has been the case. The lies continue.

Dear Senator,

I get so frustrated reading on your blog because more
horrible things are being brought to the forefront about cps. It makes my
husband and I want so much more for things to change with cps. I am hoping for some help to try for a bill to stop the perjury, which I am seeing mentioned more and more. With us and others that was our main problem. No matter what the state said in court, it was believed without any facts having been
presented. If they had to present any evidence of anything said in our case, Ariel
would never have been taken in the first place. I am so grateful she is coming
home but other families will suffer if it continues to be allowed. We had a
lot of people backing us on our case and because of that, no matter how
many times we felt like giving up someone was always there to remind us what we were fighting for. Please let me know if you can help us to become a part
of stopping the evil system tearing the families apart. I can still picture
the day Ariel was taken and that caseworker walking away with her and smiling
an evil smile at us. I think rather than going after the state in general,
it would be a good thing to be able to hold individuals accountable for the
emotional abuse they themselves are causing for these tiny children.

Posted by State Senator Pam Roach at 3:25 AM