Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Financial Empire CPS

This blog's author Denise Dopkins posts the following video in which a heartbroken mother describes the agenda and motives of CPS and family courts. I personally have experienced the same heartache and sorrow in my life due to this bureaucratic bullies. I suffered the severe absence of Due Process found in the family and appellate courts. Please click on the following link to hear the absolute truth about the financial empire CPS and family courts... not to forget the foster-adopt industry. Yes-- I said industry.

State of Missouri Leaves out the Timeline to the case that shows how they set the child up for adoption by using their own first hand knowledge.

State officials on the case, left out information in order to obtain an unlawful termination.

Time line shows their knowledge of their own actions and predated intentions to procure an unlawful adoption. Timeline was never allowed or used during court procedures that would show the judges deliberate ignorance and intentions to hide their own acts of child endangerment and fraud to obtain an unlawful adoption.

Courts Rule on Parental Bonding To Separate Mother& Daughter while collecting federal funds, bonuses and rewards. Missouri state officials have taken the right to claim that a parent or child has no bond between them in order to establish a termination of parental rights act of law. See petition, Child Abduction By The State more

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