Sunday, February 28, 2010

Senators deem CPS as corrupt

Larry Holland on 'Get Your Justice Live' reports:

Washington Senator Pam Roach and Former Senator Nancy Schaefer: “CPS is Corrupt”

Lary Holland04.29.09Campaigns, Congress, Judicial Oversight, Parental Rights, Political and Advocate Tools, Programs and Resources, educational, Child Protective Services, Child Welfare Laws, CPS, CPS Abuse, CPS Neglect, Eagle Forum, Georgia, Nancy Schaefer, Nancy Schaefer Report, Pam Roach, Pam Roach Report, Senate, Washington13 CommentsWe were joined by two very special guests to discuss Child Protective Services and Parental Rights. Although these two notable figures live great distances apart, their noble goals are remarkably similar. Nancy Schaefer and Pam Roach made special appearances on Get Your Justice Live Wednesday April 29, 2009. A common theme that both leaders agreed on is that “CPS is Corrupt.”

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Nancy Schaefer is president of Eagle Forum of Georgia. She served in the Georgia State Senate for four years. She has been a staunch defender of parents’ rights and will also assume the position of Eagle Forum’s National Chairman of Parents’ Rights. She is president of Family Concerns, Inc. and represented Eagle Forum at the Untied Nations conferences in Beijing, Istanbul, Rome and New York. Nancy Schaefer is well-known for a scathing report titled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” that was originally released on November 16, 2007 and later updated on September 25, 2008. (Download Available)

State Senator Pam Roach continues to serve in the Washington State Senate for 19 years. In the year 2000, Senator Roach and her son Representative Dan Roach became the first mother/son duo to represent the same district at the same time. Throughout her years of service she has represented the U.S. in East Timor for the International Republican Institute; hosted a radio talk show on KIRO in Seattle; and is founder of an NGO in Honduras among other accomplishments. As Judiciary chair she authored landmark bills on juvenile justice and DUI. Senator Roach chaired the Children and Family Services Committee and continues to advocate for children and parental rights. This year Senator Roach chaired a special legislative committee to shine light on the lack of accountability and trampling of parental rights by the Child Protective Services. She continues to demand accountability within Child Protective Services today.


You can learn more about Eagle Forum by visiting their website at and also find additional resources pertaining to the Pam Roach Report at By referring your own legislators to these resources, organizations, and interviews you can supplement your own voice and positions about the “Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” and establish a higher burden of proof on the various state programs before they are able to burgeon your family.

No matter which way you look at it, former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer as well as Washington State Senator Pam Roach believe that “Parental Rights Should Be Respected and Protected By All” and the great need for Child Protective Services to come under greater scrutiny of the general public.Please take a listen and spread the word.