Monday, May 24, 2010

Accountability for dishonest state agents?

The following article is authored by Washington State Senator Pam Roach. It is from her own blog:

Susan Dreyfus To Fire Liars?

I believe that anyone lying in a court room to steal a child should be fired for lying to the court. No coddling. You lie then you should be fired. That, by the way, is exactly what DSHS Secretary Susan Dreyfus said she would do to liars in her system......................(seeing is believing).

With the Willard Case I personally sat down with both Sec. Dreyfus and Director Denise Revels-Robinson. In fact, with Denise, her own division director lied to me about the contents of an in home study for the Willards with Denise present. It was shown to be a lie in the meeting!!! Denise turned to the woman and was not too happy. But, what happened after the meeting? Anything?

The Willard Case is coming to an expensive and "fingers-crossed" happy ending. Much damage has been done to the family and little girl. But, things are looking very good.

The department never backed down. They wanted the girl for someone else. In this case as in the Stuth Case, it was a judge who made the difference.

Integrity is something that is quite elusive within the department. I am told there is a letter coming to me regarding the Willard Case and "Lilly." I want to see what has happened to Myron who lied by saying the Willard's stole a computer. I want to see what happened to the person who wrote in the second in home study that Mrs. Willard had breast cancer and that she was on dialysis.

What happens to liars in the system, Susan and Denise? Anything? Because if nothing happens the message clearly being sent is that it is OK to lie to the court and the people of the state. If nothing happens the stealing just continues. I am betting nothing happens. After all...only a few can afford lawyers. Right? The odds are in favor of the state.

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