Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Former Senator Nancy Schaefer's Death

I wish to tell the world how sad and shocked I am at the news of former Senator Schaefer and her husband's untimely and recent death. I actually feel lost without Nancy Schaefer's presence in this world. She was a very vocal advocate for parents and children trapped in the CPS/family court system. She really cared about the most innocent victims in the CPS trap. She was extremely dedicated to warning people near and far about the dangers of falling prey to the cruelties and illegalities of the corrupt CPS system. She had very little, if anything positive to say about CPS. She wrote a scathing report titled: "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services" where she rightfully asserts that CPS is a financial empire built upon tearing loving families apart and adopting the children out to people in the 'foster-adopt' industry. As she states in her article, the states receive financial bonuses for every child they successfully adopt out. Mrs. Schaefer said so much more about the corruption within the CPS and family court system in her report. I have posted the link to the report at the end of this post. It is really a shocking unveiling of the true intentions of the so called child welfare system.

Again, I am so saddened by the deaths of Mrs. and Mr. Schaefer. Now there are two less voices advocating against the cruelties and illegal actions of that governmental department. I also hope the mainstream media and major news papers in every part of this nation will at least mention the fact of the former senator and her husband's passing. It is very suspect that they do not get so much as a mention in local media and journalism everywhere in this nation, yet Ted Kennedy's passing was all over the news everywhere for at least several days following. I firmly believe the media is afraid to broach the subject of the Schaefer's passing due to the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of people nationwide who strongly suspect that the government had something to do with it-- namely CPS. Furthermore, the very few small news papers that have mentioned the Schaefer's passing have neglected to even touch on the fact that it is suspected that CPS had something to do with their deaths. They don't even touch on the fact that Mrs. Schaefer stood up to the corruption within CPS and the family court system. The articles ONLY speak of Mrs. Schaefer's views on subjects such as religion, the fact that she was against abortion and gay/lesbian relations, however, nothing about her advocacy for parental rights or that she went up against the wrongdoings within the CPS system. As a matter of fact, she wrote and tried to pass a bill that would have curtailed their illegalities and fraudulent ways. That cost her the senate seat she held at that time. Otherwise known as political suicide. Now she has lost her life. I do not buy the assertion the Mr. and Mrs. Schaefer had a murder-suicide pact, however, want to know if that was indeed what happened. If that is truly the cause of their deaths, I want to have concrete evidence. I suspect rather, that that is just a cover-up story. I also wish to know that no rock had been unturned in the invesigative process that is supposedly being conducted.

Following is a link to many articles by former senator Nancy Schaefer. Read 'em all... however, regarding CPS issues, please pay special attention to the following title within that list:

*UPDATED 9-25-2008 The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services