Sunday, March 28, 2010

The following statement was composed by Brenda Alexander, author and creator of  in response to an article from the following website:

"I do not believe Mrs. Shaefer committed suicide or had a suicide pact with her husband. The FBI and other agencies are going to leave no rock unturned to find out what happened. Is Child Protective Services behind her death? She was very outspoken about their corruption as is Pam Roach. In fact, she committed "POLITICAL" suicide by going up against them. She was a great woman, a true warrior for parents who lost their children and she will be missed. She had 60 cases on her desk that she was working on at the time of her death. Do you really believe that she would take on these cases if she knew she was going to die soon? No. She was an honorable woman and she would never have abandoned her family. This is a tragedy. I hope they find the rat bastards who did this and give them the death sentence...and I am opposed to the death penalty!!!!"