Friday, August 13, 2010

CPS Abuse of Power

The new racism in family court

Posted by: "Jan Smith" sunflowerinthemist2006

Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:40 am (PDT)

There is a new frontier and I say new, because most Caucasians aren't used to
civil rights violations as it pertains to their families. They certainly have
dished it out....consider the tribes and what they went through. In the name of
social reform and religious ideation, the white bureaucrats demolished the
native tribes taking their children, putting them in boarding homes then
"re-educated" their victims. Many never saw or heard from their families again.
As a result of legal litigation long overdue, the tribes have federal protection
- something that drives the power hungry Children's Administration who want no
barriers to child removal crazy.

The Africans faced untold terror as they were removed from their homeland, sold
into slavery, and forced to jump over brooms to get married. Often their
children were sold on the market like cattle and disappeared as frightened small
ghosts. Horrified parents would put the word out trying to find out what
happened on the information chain. Sometimes they found out, sometimes they
didn't. Many children ended up tortured and dead. Currently, they have the
"dis-proportionalit y card" and organized groups of highly educated prominent
individuals who regularly voice descent at the civil rights atrocities occurring
in their defense. Relative placement seems to be a higher priority in the black
community and bio family isn't nit picked and dissected for character defects as
much as some.

Now, it is the Caucasians turn. Not just any Caucasians though, only the poor
ones. The middle and upper classes enjoy the advantage of child removal laws
that somehow remove the risk of most government intervention. Orders are taken
from potential parents wanting to adopt. They want the blond haired blue eyed
little girls and boys and they are getting them. Relatives are regularly kicked
to the curb in favor of stranger placement and told they have no rights.

From the moment an impoverished mother steps into the Doctors office and gets a
positive pregnancy test, the games begin. Drug tests and background history
start the process of collecting evidence for the prosecution. A test for
depression is offered (please don't take it) and the subjectivity of the test
and broad ranging questions hands government intervention opportunities to them
on a silver platter. This is important to states who find themselves struggling
financially because the federal financial entitlements produce a thriving
economy using public funds and dwindling social security dollars for child
removal and adoption.

Doctors have set themselves up as an absolute legal authority. For a parent to
disagree with an offered treatment or service is failure to follow medical
advice and CPS will get called in. Hospitals can place a hold on a child for
pretty much any reason. If one misses an appointment with either a doctor or the
Women's Infants and Children program it may mean being accused of medical
neglect and child removal. The reasons for removal do not have to be imminent
danger - just a power struggle and subjective reasoning.

This puts the poorer Caucasian community in a real dilemma. Faced with more
civil rights violations both in CPS and family courts then one can count, they
find there are no laws that protect white people from subjective and erroneous
government intervention. Caucasians are in unfamiliar territory without a voice
or advocate. Perhaps it was assumed it would never be necessary but things have

How do they justify their actions? Its all about obscure arguable reasoning that
in practice doesn't happen most of the time. One argument is children fare
better in a two parent household so they remove from single parents using that
as one of the reasons only to place with a single foster/adopt. Another is
bonding. Once a child is removed, heaven help the parent if the child even
smiles at the foster because that is deemed "bonded" and will get used against
family in a court of law.

The bonding argument is used in virtually every dependency case. They mistake
adaptation for bonding regularly never asking children their preference. As a
matter of fact, it is in writing not to. So, while the children are screaming
for their families, acting out and getting drugged to death, the caseworkers are
in the court room talking about "loving foster families" and "forever homes"
where they state the child is bonded more to the foster than the parents or
extended family. Using flowery words that look nothing like the real picture,
they destroy family after family. Perjury is the number one most protected crime
by the government in family dependency cases and is how the case goes to
termination most of the time.

The white impoverished race is in trouble with nowhere to turn except to the
very people that have been raped by the government for 200 years and know the
ropes. Because the need to change and challenge this status quo requires rapid
intervention to gain back parental and bio family rights, the races should be
working together and are not. Will they help us? They don't have to. I am hoping
that the spiritual will recognize that it is the poor of all races that are
under attack and bind together as a unified force. We can change this horrible
travesty in motion, but we need each other to do it.