Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Governmental tyranny


Protecting your family under tyranny

By Jan Smith

I can’t think of a more violent government act against residents, then to send in government agents to take one’s children and place them in stranger’s homes and for all kinds of erroneous reasons determined by the psychiatric and legislative professions. Once removed those in power have devised a system so overwhelmingly corrupt and expansive, the average person is crippled under its auspices. From start to finish, the child protection system under a concept called Parens Patriae ensures that all involved parents and relatives are void of any rights. Most rights presented are nothing more than an illusion and the targets are usually very vulnerable.

The concept of Parens Patriae (government control of vulnerable children) came from English/British legal schools of thought and was implemented by the judicial system here in the US. However, this concept has gone way past the judiciary and encompasses the federal government and agencies, state government and agencies, contracted agencies and mandated reporters. Then there are all the “volunteer” agents (neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.) whose perception of a person’s parenting leads to government intervention. These too, are a part of the Parens Patriae system by choice. What they don’t realize is what they are subjecting the whole family to (including extended) when they pick up that phone and begin the process of removal.

So, what are they being subjected to? Poorly trained attorneys who are part of a “team” and may or may not represent their clients but the state. Then there is a massive Attorney General’s office and assigned assistant AGs who represent each government stakeholder at significant tax payer expense. The courts aren’t really courts at all, but a devised method of child removal and adoption with supportive rules, regulations and laws designed to give Parens the ability to make any type of decision – right or wrong – without consequence. Then there are the case workers and their big ideas of how to save the world through removal and adoption, leaving the entire lineage devastated with their mouths hanging open at the experience.

The targets are anyone whose income is at the poverty level. This includes those families who do not accept any type of government assistance but could if they applied. Most are having babies like crazy and completely unaware they are under government radar and gun scopes of medical, educational, and social worker opinion. Those who fall under ADA categories are disproportionately attacked to include the blind and disabled in wheel chairs. People with diagnosed mental health problems are a “shoe in” for removal and adoption for government agents. Depression is the government’s weapon of choice. They will use this diagnose to divide families and seek out any information that would suggest a parent or extended family has depression issues. Quietly, the government is taking children away from family after family under these categories and only recently, is there becoming an awareness of the plot.

There are several things families need to start doing. The first and most important is practicing the 2nd Amendment rights of gun ownership. All families at or below poverty levels need to own a gun and know how to use it safely by taking the required courses. If this means buying a gun on time payments then do it. Many hand guns are below $200 used. Nine millimeters have the cheapest ammo for practice. Talk to local gun firing ranges about developing a system of affordable shooting. They need to start supporting ALL Americans so they can practice their gun owner rights, not just those of higher incomes. The NRA should start allowing membership based on income because their membership fee is too high. Attend gun shows. Most are only about $5 to get in. You need to get a gun before international law goes into place with the Obama administration who would like to take the guns away from every American.

The second is educating yourself if you are going to have a child. Know who are mandatory reporters and under what circumstances your state allows removal. Know what the evidence standards are and how to dispute accusations. Families need to educate themselves on family law if they are going to have children. Know that marriage, holding down a job, and maintaining a stable environment are important factors in a court room setting. So are fighting in front of children, domestic violence, failing to show up for medical appointments, drug/alcohol abuse and a messy house will get agents involved with court support. Spanking with objects (belt, switch, etc.) is never allowed. Know what your rights are when agents show up at the door investigating your family and how to state those rights.

For activist/system victims who want to know what to do, consider developing groups in your area to do the following:

Develop fliers to hand out at maternity wards in hospitals to vulnerable parents and clinics who take government medical

Find out about all HUD housing apartment complexes and give community lectures on family law and child protection on site. If they won’t let you do that, hand out fliers and set up community meetings. Find a free place to have community meetings. Libraries are one source.

Go to your local ADA and express your concern about their lack of support regarding families. Picket if necessary to get your point across.

Develop a solid volunteer base. Memberships in family rights organizations fail if there is a fee. Most people won’t pay to have advocacy.

Educate those with money like foundations. This is important because they are funding foster care systems but don’t realize what is happening to families in the legal system. We need backers to help.

Work at night if you can, so that your schedule is free during the day to attend court hearings and public legislation. Get to know all the legislators in your state.

Pool resources with others to get training. Pick out members in your groups to attend important functions and meetings then collect the funds to get them that training. Once trained the trainees can come back and train the group.

Hand out fliers at DSHS offices where families are signing up for money/food/medical.

Organize parent groups in school systems that may be a little too excited about government involvement with families. There is safety in numbers.

Make lists of doctors and forensic experts where families are losing their rights because of their testimonies and examine the validity of their arguments. Some of these quacks go for years with false testimony before getting discovered.

Own a gun and practice good safety.

I could continue listing, but if these items get accomplished, great gains will be made. People lack power because of isolation and an absence of critical thinking. It will take some time and effort in the beginning, but once you become an established entity, the ripple effect will take over and have some impact.


Anonymous said...

Denise, how does one go about distributing those fliers? I can't envision anyone handing them out at DSHS without being eventually escorted from the premises. Ditto the maternity wards, where the nurses don't seem to like CPS but are too intimidated to to stand up to them. (And no doubt for good reason.)

As far as nurses and other mandated reporters go, I wish there were some means of educating them NOT to say more than they are legally mandated. If a social worker asks, "Did you see any evidence of abuse?", and the answer is "No," then the interviewee needs to end there. Full stop.

Instead, nurses try to be helpful by throwing out any tidbit that comes to mind. They assume (wrongly, naively) that CPS will objectively sort through their statements, separating the wheat from the chaff. They do not understand how the system works. A nurse's innocuous statement such as, "Well, I noticed the mom seemed a little blue at times, and she had trouble sleeping last night," becomes, "Hospital personnel observed that mother suffers from mood disorders and an inability to maintain a normal schedule, putting child at extreme risk of neglect." (This example is based on an event I personally observed, although I've altered the details to protect the parent's anonymity. But I am not exaggerating the degree of dishonesty I witnessed.)

So my question is, how does one educate potential victims and mandated reporters, without stepping onto turf controlled by them?