Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Railroad: The road traveled most by parents involved with CPS

Nothing can be more heart-wrenching than the loss of a child. For that reason, kidnappings mobilize entire communities to search for the missing and comfort the victimized families. In high-profile cases, such as that of Elizabeth Smart, the entire nation watches. Amber Alert systems notify police and private citizens to watch for the perpetrators. Yet, when CPS is the culprit/criminal, nothing is done to rescue the child from its kidnappers. It is merely assumed that the parent has committed some kind of abuse or neglect toward their children. If that can't be proven or even asserted, CPS and its cohorts just assert what they refer to as "risk of harm" by the parent/caregiver of the child. Then, its Department contracted 'treatment providers' parrot what CPS wants to accomplish. The parent is generally 'diagnosed' with a fake mental or personality disorder. Given the fact that they are allowed to drag the innocent parents into a fake court that provides nearly zero Due Process, the parents are afforded no justice.

The fact of the matter is that child abuse or purposeful neglect is a crime, however, parents are often times not charged with a crime because they are truly innocent of wrongdoing and there is no evidence of such a charge. CPS and family courts get away with bringing a civil case against the parent and drumming up the hanky defense: that the child is at risk of harm due to allegations that he/she has mental health problems severe enough to warrant the permanent termination of parental rights. They bring the civil case because it requires considerably less evidence or reason to separate parents from their children. That is all it takes in order for CPS to accomplish the permanent traumatizing of an entire family... all for the sake of the almighty dollar. (and generally with the assistance of Court Appointed lawyers that do NOT aggressively defend their clients against the abuses committed by CPS and judges.) Most of the 'professionals' within the CPS and family court system make their living by processing children like cattle. Doctors, therapists, social workers, supervisors, lawyers, AAG's, Gaurdian ad litems, visitation note takers, visitation transporters, judges, court commissioners, even foster parents seeking to adopt the children they are paid to care for while the parents desperately try to rescue their children from foster-incarceration. It is the foster-adopt industry. Yes, I said industry, because that is exactly what it is. The list seems never ending. The bureaucratic bully CPS will never cease this horrific and criminal behavior if they are never held accountable for their deeds. Listen people... kidnapping and fraudulent testimony are criminal. Why are state agents and fake court commissioners and judges allowed to commit such crimes and escape punishment? They are criminals. This needs to be remedied. Parents everywhere need to wake up and yell until we are heard. CPS is an unconstitutional financial empire built on separating loving, non abusive families in order to receive government financial bonuses and to sell the children like merchandise to foster-adopt couples desiring to adopt. CPS even has its own state contracted lawyers specifically to represent and facilitate these adoptions directly out of the foster care pool. Thus, it is much less expensive if not free to the perspective adoptive parents to file for the adoptions. Certainly less expensive than applying to a private adoption agency.

Please view the following videos of former Senator Nancy Schaefer regarding the corrupt business of Child Protective Services.

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